How to Install Glue-up Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Install Glue Up Ceiling Tiles

How to Install Glue-up Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Are you confused to install glue up Decorative ceiling tiles?

To install glue up PVC decorative ceiling tiles is a very easy and faster process. Here explained the whole process so you can install it properly on your wall and ceiling. PVC Decorative Ceiling tiles are very lightweight so it is easy to install on the ceiling with fewer labors. If you want to install a glue-up installation method, Make sure that your selected design available for the glue up. Every design is not available for the glue up.

Measure a proper area of your ceiling or wall and calculate how many tiles you require. You can also use our Tiles Calculator and help to order ceiling tiles. The first step is to prepare the surface. The ceiling surface or wall surface must be properly clear. Remove the loose plaster, paint, or wallpaper and make it smooth.

The second step is to draw an angle. Draw straight lines in the corner (in width and length part) and make a 90-degree angle, for the starting point of pasting. Make sure that you have a draw angle perfectly for the best look. It is very important for a starting point. The starting point may be any corner or the center point of the wall or ceiling.

The third step is to apply the adhesive glue. We recommended the standard and premium adhesive glue for long term durability. Apply adhesive glue on the ceiling as well as the on tiles.  The final step is to place the tiles. Start placing tiles from a starting point or center point of the ceiling or wall. The next tiles will overlap at the end of previous tiles and press gently. The advantage of the decorative ceiling system in 24″ x 24″ with overlapping edges is that it provides you with an extra and unique edge for your PVC ceiling panels. 

Installing Glue-up Decorative Ceiling Tiles is very easy and simple so you can complete the installation process within a few hours. You don’t need any previous experience to install glue up decorative ceiling tiles. 

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