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Code: N4129 Multicolor
Available: Yes
Size: 2′ x 4′
Depth: 8mm
Weight: 500 gm
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.50 mm /0.70 mm
Style: Victorian
Pattern Size: 578 x 1188 mm
Paintable: Yes (Water-Based Paints)
Installation Method : Drop-In/Glue-up
Custom Finishing: We can custom paint this tile with any color of your choice. Please contact us for a custom orders

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  • We believe in safety first. Ceiling Tiles and wall panels are Class A Fire Rate Tested.
  • Ceiling tiles are very easy to install in a grid system and directly apply adhesive glue.
  • You can paste glue-up Ceiling tiles on any hard and plain surface using any Adhesive Glue.
  • You can install directly in a T-Grid System to create a False / Suspended / Drop Ceiling.
  • We use PVC Material for Ceiling tiles and wall Panels. It is an eco-friendly material. It can be recycled and reuse.
  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles are available in 0.50 mm and 0.70 mm thickness, so easy to cut by scissors during installation.
  • Decorative Ceiling Tiles are very lightweight so perfect for ceiling and wall.
  • PVC Decorative Ceiling Tiles 2 x 2 when the thickness is 0.50mm, weight is 250 gm, & when the thickness is 0.70mm, weight is 250 gm but it can be variable 20% plus or minus.
  • Decorative Ceiling tiles and wall panels have long-lasting use & the durability is very high.
  • Cold or hot weather does not affect easily so, it is ideal for any Weather Conditions.
  • Our Products are resistant to termite, bacteria, fungus & will not rust.
  • Our decorative Ceiling tiles & wall panels are water, stain-resistant and washable.
  • Ceiling tiles are water, stain, and termite resistant. Tiles are easy to clean, simple to install, and don’t need any ongoing maintenance.
  • The antique decor products are fully customizable, so you can choose a custom design, color & size. Our ceiling tiles product products are paintable so you can paint as per your choice.
  • All of the designs 3D embossed into the tiles to create the look and texture of real.
  • Usually, we are shipping in 5 to 10 business days, but it depends on your order size. We will inform you by email when we get your orders.
  • Our Decorative Ceiling Tiles & wall panels are suitable for all places like home, office, motel, restaurant, club, events and countless.

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Multicolor Silver Black, Pearl White Brass, Pearl White Copper, Pearl White & Gold

Installation Method

Drop In, Glue Up


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