New Artistic Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Artistic Nova Decorative Ceiling Tiles

New Artistic Decorative Ceiling Tiles

The artistic decorative ceiling tiles are very popular for clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. If you are looking for something different and natural art colors for wall and ceiling tiles than check out special artistic series or ceiling tiles. There are more than fifty shades and artistic colors available currently and many more coming soon.  We have a special artist team to create a new design and natural color structure for the decorative ceiling tiles.

There are lots of color and structure options available in artistic series. Old Tin Roof, Rustic Patina, Simply Rustic, Rough Brown, Metal Corroded, Rusty Old Paint, Rusty metal, Heavy Rusted Peeled, etc will give the look of metal. Natural Wood, Brown wood, Flooring Oak, Abstract wood, Parquet Wooden, Cracked Wood, etc will give the look of wood. Marbella, Beige Stone, River Stone, Natural stone Surface, Honny Onix, etc will give the look of the stone structure. Cloudy Bay, Heavenly Clouds, Blue Painted Waves, Blue Jean, etc will give amazing different looks. The old tin roof and cloudy bay are one of our all-time best selling tiles.

Artistic Ceiling tiles are very easy to install. You can use the T-grid System or directly glue on the ceiling and wall. The artistic series is very lightweight than regular tin ceiling tiles. It is made from PVC so durability is also good. We use only Class-A fire-rated because safety is very important for us.


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